Plegium Combo (3 in 1) Pepper Spray BLACK


Plegium is the first company in the world to combine pepper spray with multiple other safety functions: A siren, strobe LEDs and connectivity to your phone for immediate, automatic distress calls.

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Despite being packed with all of this functionality, all Plegium® products are small and suitable for everyday carry in your pocket or purse – and each individual function is equal to or better than corresponding standalone products.

Firing the COMBO PEPPER SPRAY activates three functions: pepper spray, a 130dB alarm, and triple-strobe LEDs.


  • Pepper spray, siren, and strobe LEDs – all in one!
  • Maximum strength pepper spray (1.33% Major Capsaicinoids) with 10-foot range
  • 130 dB siren – stronger than most standalone personal alarms – attracts attention to the scene
  • Triple strobe LED lights help you aim in the dark and disorients the attacker
  • 4-year, no-charging battery life


  • Plegium Combo Pepper Spray BLACK
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