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Scott Henson 

This is a Perfect Taser , very light weight , but also fits perfect inside my hand, its the size of a 380 or 22. I purchased this along with the blade-tech taser pulse holster for my duty belt for law enforcement. I cannot even feel the difference at all. Its so light weight, which is great because you do not want a heavy item added while working all day. I would highly recommend anyone to buy this and could not be happier with the guys at Guerrilla Defense.  The shipping was extremely fast and by far the cheapest place I could find to buy a new Taser gun.  Thank you and I will be referring your company to all of my friends and coworkers

Steve L

The Pulse + fixes the battery issues with the original pulse by using 2 replaceable CR123 Lithium batteries available just about anywhere. And adds the Noonlight app option which connects the Pulse+ to your smartphone via bluetooth to alert police when you Pulse is fired, If you choose to do so. I am replacing my 10 year old Taser C2 and really like the pistol design as it feels more natural in my hand and not much bigger than my Glock 42.I Couldn't beat the price on Guerrilla Defense and shipping was fast and product was factory fresh! 


Thank you CPL. James E. LEAKAN

Just wanted to let you know,  product received is AMAZING!!!   I'm a certified tactical security officer with the state of Maryland an while on duty a violent assault took place in which the aggressor had a knife and would not comply with my repeated orders to drop the weapon and move away from the victim. After the 3rd warning that he would be tased...I deployed my PULSE TASER  on him and I IMMEDIATELY had control of the situation, cuffed the attacker having him ready for transportation for state troopers once they arrived on scene.  I will give my recommendation to ANYONE thinking about buying this product.