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PhaZZer Raptor – Less-Lethal Air Carbine Rifle


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The PhaZZer® Raptor is designed to replicate nearly every feature and function of the M4 / M16 family of combat rifles—including trigger pull and trigger reset, balance and natural point of aim, as well as reloading and field stripping procedures—the PhaZZer® Raptor is the ideal tool for military and law enforcement operators.
It is capable of marking or incapacitating a suspect of any size, strength, or age, up to 50 meters away, affording your personnel a greater degree of safety and effectiveness than other less-lethal options. The PhaZZer® Raptor features standard tactical rails for mounting scopes, illuminators, lasers, and other devices. Law enforcement and military personnel need the right tool, with the right projectile, to handle dynamic situations in high-stress operations. The PhaZZer® Raptor provides the accuracy, reliability, durability and flexibility to meet changing demands with exactly the force required.
The PhaZZer® Raptor is designed to mount the PhaZZer Enforcer™ CEW to the lower front rail mount allowing for more Less Lethal Options available for operator use in any given situation making it the MOST versatile of any less lethal device on the market today.
PhaZZer Raptor Kit Includes:

RIS Rail
Aluminum Barrel
New AR Lower
1x 20 Rounds Magazine
13ci Air Tank
Butt Stock
New 3 Groove Hand Grip
Flip-up Sights
PhaZZer Enforcer Ready Mount
1 Year Warranty