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Folding 6 Bursts Stainless Steel Rubber Band Gun Semi-Automatic Portable Toy


  • Different from other wooden RBGs, rubber band gun is all-metal structure, Foldable and portable.
  • Whether your foe is a line of aluminum cans or a platoon of plastic army men, the Sunny Hill Rubber Band Pistol will neutralize the threat up to 35-50 feet away. It comes with 100+ rubber bands.
  • The semi-automatic design allows for precision shooting as well as the rapid-firing of all six rubber band “bullets”.
  • Great educational toy for kids..A creative toy full of fun.
  • It will give your kid or friend unforgettable memory on special days.

Mega Hoberman Sphere Spectrum Rainbow Rings Expanding Toy Ball Multicolor 18″

The Hoberman Mega Expanding Sphere Toy is fun for ages 4 to 104 (and beyond). The Hoberman sphere toy inspires children to be creative and inventive. The expanding sphere toy can change in size from 14.5″ to 54″, making as fund to expand as it is to pop back into place. Expanding the toy is as simple as pulling it out from the center, but there’s more than one way to have fun with this sphere. Made from a durable plastic material, the Hoberman sphere is built to last. 

Slackers Hawk Zipline – 70 ft. with Spring Brake

Slackers 70′ Hawk Kit with Spring Brake 

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Slackers Night Riderz Zipline 100 ft. with Spring Break

Slackers 100′ Zipline Night Riderz Kit w/ Spring Brake

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Water Human hamster walking ball 5 feet around

Water Walking Ball, 5 foot in diameter