Taser X26c Blue 15 Foot TASER® Training Cartridge


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Blue TASER® Training Cartridge 
Package Contents: 1 – TASER® Blue Compressed Air Traning Cartridge with 15 Foot Range
For use with the AIR TASER, M26, M26C, M18, M18L, X26, X26C, X26E and X26P Advanced TASER® weapons.
Cartridges are self-contained with compressed gas, barbed projectile probes, non-conductive wires and non-serialized TAGS (tiny identification tags). Each cartridge fires only once.
Blue training cartridges fire like a live cartridge but do not have the ability to cause neuro-muscular incapacitation and should not be used in the field. The are designed for practice and for certification and recertification at TASER training class.

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