Pepperball VKS AR 15 Style



  • Kinetic impact is adjustable to between 10-28 Joules
  • With VXR™ projectiles (Not Included), it has an effective accurate distance of 150 feet and 120 feet for round pepper balls.
  • The same look, feel, and fire control system as an AR-15/M-4 carbine
  • Dual air source. Butt-stock 13ci High-Pressure Air (HPA) tank pre-installed (Note: Air tank ships empty and will need to be filled at your local paintball or scuba shop – avg. cost $5) or separate airline to a tank of your choice.
  • Proudly Made in the USA



  • VKS Launcher
  • 2x Yellow Magazines
  • 1x 13 Cubic inch HPA air tank (Not Filled)
  • Hopper Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Tool Kit
  • Hard Carry Case
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The VKS Launcher is PepperBall’s strongest non-lethal weapon available in the market to date. Kinetic impact is adjustable to between 10-28 Joules, and with VXR projectiles, has effective accurate distance up to 150 feet. Utilizes .68 caliber projectiles. Chosen by the US Army, the VKS offers support in the field with the best non-lethal protection measures. The VKS is designed to be the most effective launcher for high-intensity / crowd control operations.

The VKS has the same look, feel, and fire control group as an AR-15 / M4 carbine


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