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Taser X2 Professional Series with Laser

The TASER X2 provides double the knock-down power you expect from a TASER self-defense device, as it comes fully-equipped with an immediately available back-up shot. Designed by law enforcement, for law enforcement, the TASER X2 is legal for everyday civilians who are looking to strengthen their home or personal protection plans. This tool is perfect for professionals looking for added defense on the job, including security and process servers.

The TASER X2 immobilizes attackers for 5 seconds per trigger pull, providing single-fire/multi-cycle capabilities so you have enough time to make a safe escape. Each X2 kit includes two live cartridges, a performance power magazine, a right-handed Blackhawk holster, and a conductive target to practice and gain confidence with the self-defense tool.

  • Immediate Back-up Shot
  • No need to re-load
  • Class 3A LASER targeting
  • Paired with a powerful LED flashlight, targets are hard to miss
  • 15-foot safety range
  • Gives you ample space to make a safe escape
  • Contact Stun added insurance in those close encounters; the only TASER device that can engage contact stun while loaded and without firing
  • Blackhawk Holster ensures comfortable and secure carrying, this Kydex holster is the same one trusted by law enforcement
  • Long-Life Replaceable Battery providing over 50 firings, your X2 is ready when you need it


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Taser X26P Police Shooting Stun Gun with Laser

The TASER® X26P is a law enforcement-grade self-defense weapon that fires electrical probes up to 15 feet away. The probes, once they successfully hit a target, emit shocks that are similar to a body’s natural electrical impulses. What this does, is it interrupts these impulses to cause a multitude of effects, including falling to the ground, involuntary muscle contractions, freezing in place, vertigo, ect.. Additionally, this TASER® does not rely on pain as a deterrent since some individuals, such as drug addicts or drunks, might have a high pain threshold. When fired, the cartridges don’t only release two probes, they also eject 20-30 confetti-like Anti-felon ID tags for marking criminals.

The TASER X26P is a strong addition to any civilian self-protection plan. It is the same innovative tool used and trusted by law enforcement agencies around the world. Equipped with a durable holster and rugged carrying case, the X26P is suited for both home-defense and professionals such as security personnel or delivery drivers.

Range: 15 ft. (4.6m) range

Power Supply: Lithium energy cell

Weight: 0.45 lbs.

Dimensions: 7.6″ x 1.3″ x 3.2″

Lifetime Replacement (if lost during attack)

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