Water Human hamster walking ball 5 feet around  $199.95

Water Human hamster walking ball 5 feet around

Water Walking Ball, 5 foot in diameter

2 to 3 Days
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Similar to zorb ball, water ball allows players inside it to walk around the surface of the water. The specific difference between zorb ball and water ball is that water ball has only one layer and is specifically designed for water traveling rather than rolling down the hill. Top quality water ball is made of transparent and durable plastic with a zippered entrance to allow for easy entry and exit.


  • 1)To build in the water’s edge with a slope of the platform, which is easy for water ball walk up and down easily. According to the number of devices,you can spread a mat in the  platform and so do not scratch the balls.
  • 2) Water depth should be between 0.5 to 1 meters. In case of water is too deep, it should be pulling a safety net about 0.7 meters from the surface of the water. Each sphere had a safety button, which is used to tie the safety rope. When playing, the rope must be tied. The length of rope please refer to the water depth.
  • 3) To protect the zip and confirm it can be zipped more smooth when used, it is advisable to wax every time you use.
  • 4) Player should take off shoes and other sharp things such as key chain, mobile phones to protect the ball and for safety consideration.
  • 5) After people are inside the ball. Zip the ball until 18cm space left. And then inflate it with blower (through a inflatable pipe). Please confirm do not inflate too full to avoid the ball broken.
  • 6) About safe use of the blower, please make a protective net on the outlet of blower to avoid accident.
  • 7) It is suggest people inside the ball for about 5-8minites considering the oxygen consumption. It is suggest in a time only one person play in the ball.
  • 8) In case of wind, rain, snow, fog, hail and other weather conditions, equipment use should be prohibited in order to avoid accidents.
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