80 lb Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow - Zytel Frame  $29.95 CB7ZY$29.95

80 lb Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow - Zytel Frame

One of our most awesome pistol crossbows is available with a sturdier alloy frame. The best feature of this crossbow is the self cocking lever in back which makes the usually difficult cocking SUPER EASY! 85 lb self-cocking COBRA pistol crossbow with alloy or zytel frame, fiberglass bow, 3 aluminum bolts, and safety.

2 to 3 Days


This popular pistol crossbow features an 80 pound draw, self cocking mechanism, adjustable sights, safety, zytel frame, fiberglass bow. Mainly used for target shooting or hunting small game. Bolts fired travel at 210 feet per second with accuracy up to 40 yards.

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