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TASER X2 Training Cartridge Axon Taser $49.95
  • TASER X2 Training Cartridge Axon Taser $49.95

TASER X2 Training Cartridge


Blue Training Smart Cartridge for the Taser X2

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Blue Training Smart Cartridge. Fires only once.
Color: Blue/Blue Blast Door (Training Use)
Range: 25 ft / 7.6 m
Purpose: Training cartridge with short barbs and non-conductive wire used in conjunction with target or protective suit.
Propellant: Compressed nitrogen gas.
Color: Black body, blue blast doors and blue or clear transit cover.
Barb probe dimensions: Brass and aluminium 27.7 mm long, 5.4 mm diameter, probe mass 2.8 g.
Barb (approximate): Barb length 6.35 mm; 0.9 mm diameter.
Angle of separation: Barbs leave cartridge at an angle of 7 degrees
Audit trail: Training cartridges disperse blank, blue AFIDS. 


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