Bullet Proof Vest NIJ Level IIIa Protection - Large Guerrilladefense.com $199.95

Bullet Proof Vest NIJ Level IIIa Protection - Large

Bullet Proof Vest NIJ Level IIIa Protection 

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Guerrilla Defense Bullet proof vests.  The rating on the vests when they were tested were for 9mm, 45 cal. and .357 magnum, 5 shots each at point blank range.  The Guerrilla Defense Bulletproof Vest is the best value in body armor.  It provides level IIIA protection at an unbeatable price. 
Level IIIA (3A) is typically the highest level of protection you will find in soft armor. Our vest will protect you from everything from a BB gun to a .44 magnum.  A class IIIA vest will protect you from almost any handgun you will encounter and certainly any handgun that someone conceals. Handgun violence makes up most of the shooting injuries in the US, so this bulletproof vest offers a great level of protection for you.
Bullet Proof Vests sizing chart: