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This 1/2 oz. Police Force 23 pepper spray comes encased in a durable plastic shell with an attached key ring which allows for fast access in case of an emergency.  The finger indentions make for a firm grip on the unit while the flip top design helps prevent accidental spraying.  The unit can shoot its stream of Police Strength pepper spray up to 15 feet giving you plenty of safe distance from an attacker or vicious animal. Also comes in black (PF3BKFT)


This 3 oz. Streetwise 23 pepper spray is perfect for carrying with you when camping, hiking or just simply going into town. It will create a fog of pepper spray which makes it impossible to miss your attacker. 


  • Safety Lock

  • Creates a large pepper fog making it impossible to miss

  • Carry with you around town, when hiking or camping
  • Independent Laboratory Heat Rating Certified

  • Derived from over 5 Million SHU**
  • 87% Stronger than Competing Brands
  • Instantly repels an Attacker
  • Incapacitates for up to 45 minutes
  • UV Marking Dye
  • 1.47% Total Capsaicinoids

We provide best in class personal safety, home security and law enforcement products to maximize the safety of SABRE users. We strive to educate and empower our customers so if in the face of danger, you and your loved ones are equipped with both knowledge and powerful products. We believe everyone should be protected so they can live a safe, healthy life with peace of mind.